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Discovering my true authentic self, so you can discover yours…


In this video I will talk about how discovering my true authentic self and sharing my unique message will hopefully inspire you to find your true authentic self and share your special message with the world too.

In these times it is so essential that we speak our truth, whatever that might be. It is in doing this that we evolve the human experience, the world and the Universe as a whole. It is in the authenticity of self that we can reach our true destiny.

What is your story, at the core of your true self? What is your message to the world?

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My Story

In this video I will talk about how discovering my true authentic self and delivering my message will hopefully inspire you to find your true authentic self and share your unique message with the world too.

For a long time, I’ve was at odds with my beliefs and hidden from my knowing. I’d taken on too many other voices, niggling away at my mind, clouding my vision, muddying my dreams. You see, I was born with a knowing. I carried it through my childhood but didn’t understand it. I was given a vision in my teens to help decipher it. I discarded it in my 20’s when I discovered the cruelty and darkness of the world. In my 30’s I hid from it, running from it, avoiding it at all cost. And now in my 40’s I am making peace with it, chipping away and discarding that which isn’t mine, to allow it to rise within and be shared with those who need it.

My Message

My message is simple: You that is You that is All.

A simple message yet one that has filled me with fear of ridicule and almost every external voice telling me that I am wrong “don’t be silly!”

Slowly, piece by tiny piece, as I tear away the parts that aren’t me, I am able to hear other voices teaching the same message from different perceptions. Some of them modern, some are ancient. The message is not new. It has been taught for eons. Only my presentation is different.

My Belief

And this is the core of my belief: We each hold a tiny unique part of the whole that we are.

Together, understanding of my knowing, the message I have and belief I hold, form the basis of my teachings. It matters not if you learn them. You are here for your own part of the journey. I only share this with those who need my teachings to inspire them to seek, discover and unlock their own.

Observing Humanity

I have looked upon the events of the world with a different perspective than most, and I have been silent. Observing, taking it in, trying to gain deeper understanding of humanity through it. And one thing is very, very clear. There are so few who are speaking their own truth, imparting their own unique message, sharing their own teachings.

I can be silent no more!

The voices of the world have been silenced, brainwashed if you will, to repeat the messages of the few, the powerful, the ones corrupted by ego and power.

Their message is to enslave us through separation, through externalisation of idols, through meaningless beliefs and rituals.

Pure or Evil?

Are they wrong in doing this? Are they evil?

Wrong or right, good or bad, pure or evil… These are all low-level concepts that are merely subjective perceptions for each individual to have. They do not exist beyond that. A person is no more evil than a person is pure. They are simply people doing what they do.

Any evil that is perceived, is evil that is held within the one perceiving it. For if they did not have it within, they would not be able to recognise it. You can fight this basic truth all you like, most do, myself included for a long time, but it does not change it from truth. The more you ponder this, the more you meditate on it, the deeper you will understand it and come to know it as truth.

The first thing to spill from the mouths of most is “but I’m not evil!”

You are correct. There is no evil, just as there is no good.

When my truth comes out

Several years ago, I found myself talking with a 12-year-old girl. She was upset by something that had happened at school. She shared with me her problems and they did indeed seem insurmountable to her at the time. It is times like this when my truth, no matter how much I tried to hold it down, would come bursting out. Words would flow without thought and they would always be the right energy in the right moment.

“Right now this seems like everything to you,” I said “and it is because this is all that you know right now. But do you remember when you first started learning math and 2 times 7 seemed impossible to work out?” she nodded “But now you know it and that impossible task seems silly in comparison to the math you are learning now. Can you even comprehend now, not knowing what 2 times 7 is?” She giggled with a no. “What you are going through in life right now, is just the same as the next step of math. You are new to it so it appears impossible. But that is only because you don’t know yet, that which you will know tomorrow. And tomorrow you will giggle again at that which you didn’t know today.”

The message within a message

As with so many of these speeches I have given others, they are almost always for me as much as they are for them. The core of this speech can also be said of life itself. Life seems hard because we have not yet learned of that which is beyond life. When we do, every struggle we ever had will be something to giggle at. Tiny in comparison to the mountain we believed it to be at the time.

Escaping the distortion of truth

From when I was born, I’m not sure why or how, but I saw the world differently to all of those around me. Maybe we are all born this way but the education we are given covers it up, distorts it, corrupts it and moulds it into something else. Because of a single tiny event that happened in the first year of my schooling, I was able to see the facade of authority, a peek behind the curtain and I learned to question everything around me. I understood that those charged with educating me, those with authority over me, didn’t understand the world any better than myself. And I saw they were just teaching what they had been taught without any deeper understanding within themselves. Once my eyes were opened to this fact, I saw it everywhere in every so-called authority figure. Maybe without that single event, I would have lived what is considered a normal life, my truth buried along with everyone else’s.

The world is what it is

The world is not a pure or evil place, people are neither good nor bad, what each of us does isn’t right or wrong. It all simply IS! And every single thing that is, is an opportunity to learn something new, to gain a deeper understanding of self, and in doing so, expand the conscious awareness of the Universe as a whole. No pressure there right?…

You that is You that is All

The YOU that you know as YOU is merely a tiny fragment of the whole that is EVERYTHING. You are the whole. You are the everything. You are all that ever was, is and will be. Understand this, or don’t, it matters not and nor does it change anything. Just remember this – that person you hate is another fragment of you, the animal you love is another fragment of you, the stone that you kicked, the tree that sheltered you, the Earth on which you reside and the galaxy in which you spin… All just fragments of the whole that is you that is me.

We are all one

“We are all one” is so often spoken with such limited understanding of its true meaning. We literally are ALL ONE!

Once you understand this truth and take it into your heart of hearts, no longer will issues of racism, sexism, homophobia or any of the other ism’s or phobias be of any concern. The black man fighting the white, the woman fighting the man, they gay fighting the straight… We are all just fighting ourselves. When we try to have power over another, we are fighting for power over ourselves. When we treat another badly, it is ourselves who will suffer, when we are oppressed we are allowing one aspect of ourselves domination over another.

The pendulum of life

We seek not to destroy but to gain balance as the pendulum of life swings one way then the other, little by little, slowing til alignment can occur. Too much in one direction and the balance tips, an uprising occurs and the pendulum begins its swing in the reverse direction. This back and forth, ebb and flow of life, continuing through the ages until such time as alignment occurs and unity returns.

Does this mean we need to stop it all? No! and nor can we.

We are here now!

With this larger scope of understanding also comes the acknowledging that we are here now, on this plane, in this reality, at this time, to experience all that right now has to offer. To make judgements based on our limited perception. To experience all that we are given to experience. To love, to hate, to feel joy, to be overcome with fear, to be sick with guilt, to indulge in lust, to get angry, to be engulfed with bliss, to be consumed with grief and overwhelmed with awe. Every part of our experience, regardless of our awareness of it, is adding to our greater understanding as a whole and through greater understanding comes greater wisdom.

The place beyond worlds

And one day, we will return to that place beyond worlds, behind the stars, where time has no meaning and reclaim our oneness with all of our knowledge, understanding and wisdom of all that ever was and take our place beyond the cosmos as the god that we are.

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