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Free yourself from the prison of your own false thoughts

Your thoughts are possibly the most intimate and uniquely you part of you there is. They are what makes us, us. Surely they wouldn’t betray us, lead us down the wrong path, attract negativity into our lives or lie to us… Would they???

Ummmm… Yes… Yes they would. and often do.

Because our thoughts are so innately who we are, it’s not easy to let them go when they aren’t serving our highest interest. In fact it’s much easier to hold on tight and deny that our thoughts could possibly be wrong. It is when we hold on tightly to a thought that it becomes a belief and even more ingrained into the person we are. I’m sure you are aware when looking at others, just because something is believed, don’t make it so…

We all do this all the time and I’m certainly no exception. And quite often it takes some kind of severe jolt to make us drop or change a belief.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

I like to approach my thoughts and beliefs lightly and with the attitude of –

“Good for now, not forever!”

With this attitude, I can hold on to a thought or belief until a better one comes along, and make the change painlessly and without too much resistance. I know that everything changes and evolves and just because I believe something today, doesn’t mean I won’t see the error of my ways tomorrow.

To take this into the epically big picture for a moment. When you think that all of human knowledge, understanding and wisdom has come from just a few thousand years of evolution and observation on a single tiny planet with only one perspective looking out into an infinitely large Universe that has been around far longer than comprehension allows, you have to realise that what we know is only a very small percentage of what there is. In fact, we know next to nothing of all there is. And then with the possibility of multiple Universes each with their own laws of physics… We know nuffin!

So when you realise that relative to everything, we really do know very little as a whole species. So how much do you think each of us as individuals knows and understands??

All of a sudden, the validity of our thoughts are on very shaky ground.

By holding on to our thoughts and beliefs so tightly, we don’t allow new ones in and this is preventing us from growing and evolving. To put it another way, we are creating a prison of our own false thoughts.

There is a great quote by Philip Arnold, that sums this up perfectly –

“You will never be free until you free yourself from the prison of your own thoughts”

There is another great quote from Raymond E. Feist in his book The Magician –

“I am the architect of my own imprisonment”

So loosen the reigns on your mind and approach each thought and belief as if they are only temporary to get you through until something better comes along. Set yourself free, you’ll be amazed at what is out there.

What thought’s and beliefs have you been holding on to that it’s time to let go of?

I believe that education on personal development is such an integral part of human growth that I simply cannot justify making it unavailable to people by charging extreme amounts of money for it. In my opinion, this stuff should be taught freely at schools.

However, we live in a world where money is required to pay the bills and fill the fridge. Your donation will ensure I can continue to provide this service and really does make a huge difference as this is what I survive off.

It takes a lot of time, skill and effort to create the content on this web site, which is why the guided meditations are constantly ranked amongst the highest quality on apps like Insight Timer (the worlds No.1 Meditation app).

As a sign of appreciation for your donation, I would love to shout your name from the rooftops (which probably doesn’t really do much for you) so instead, I can also shout it from the social media rooftops if you like, along with your business name if you have one. And if you want to remain anonymous, we can make that work too.

I am honoured that you took the time to listen to this meditation and overflowing with gratitude for your donation 🙏💜

Wishing you a most beautiful day,

James Cole

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James Cole

James Cole

James is an author of the book Empowering Thoughts, a meditation educator, empowerment specialist, hypnotherapist, filmmaker, and photo-artist. He has had a passion for meditation since being introduced at high school. Since then he has studied various forms of meditation before discovering hypnosis and recognising the similarities. He now teaches hypnotic meditation, as well as creating and publishing guided meditations that people can use for personal development. his creative work can be found at

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