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Empowering Thought of the Day FREE Daily Email to your Inbox SUBSCRIBE TODAY Seeking daily inspiration, moments of wisdom, ideas to open your mind and words to show you another way? Start your days with an Empowering Thought Sometimes it takes just one thing to form the catalyst for change in our lives. A thought, […]

Empowering Thoughts Book – Written by James Cole

Empowering Thoughts <h2>Written by James Cole</h2> <img width=”532″ height=”1000″ src=”https://empoweringmeditations.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Empowering-Thoughts-Boook-Cover-Mockup-Reflection-1000px.png” alt=”Empowering-Thoughts-Boook-Cover-Mockup-Reflection-1000px” loading=”lazy” /> <h1>Empowering Thoughts</h1> <h2>Written by James Cole</h2> Inspirational and thought-provoking. A pocket-sized guide to living an empowered life full of wisdom for a modern era. <b>Empowering Thoughts</b> can be used to focus your world with positive intention and shift the way you perceive […]