Part 2 – Introduction To Meditation​


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1 – What is meditation?

There are so many different types of meditation that it’s not always easy to determine what it actually is. The reason for this is that the practice of meditation has been tied into a lot of other ideas and practices that can make it confusing. Practices such as religion, spirituality, personal development, and health & fitness, among a few.

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2 – Myths & Misconceptions About Meditation

To many people, meditation is a mystical practice of which little is known. Because of this, many myths and misconceptions have arisen which can prevent people from giving meditation a go. In this section, I will address some of the key myths and misconceptions that are around.

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3 – Scientifically Proven Benefits to Meditating

There are so many benefits to meditating. There was a time that meditation was thought to only be for the spiritually enlightened. Thanks to many scientific studies in recent years, we now know that everyone can experience these numerous benefits when meditating regularly.

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6 – Types of Meditation

If you consider any type of mindfulness practice as a form of meditation, the types of meditation are almost endless. There are, however, a number of formal styles that you may wish to consider once you’ve learned the basics. All offer different approaches and set different intentions. None of them are any better or worse, it comes down to each individual’s personal choice and what you find works best for you.

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7 – What style of meditation is this program?

What I teach is a very basic stripped-down version of a Focused Attention Meditation. In its simplest terms, to focus on breath and hold a thought or visualisation in the mind. These are the basic skills for almost all other meditation types. Once learned, you will be able to easily seek out and give other styles a go.

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12 – Deep Breathing

So often when asked to take a deep breath, many people simply take a big breath at the same depth as a normal breath. Big and deep are often confused as the same thing when actually, they are very different.

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14 – Visualisation in Meditation

When it comes to following guided meditations, more often than not, you will hear the term ‘visualise’. Visualisation is something we can all do although the term itself can be a little misleading. This can result in some people thinking they are unable to visualise.

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16 – Understanding Stress and the Importance of Relaxation

When learning the art of relaxation we must first gain a deeper understanding of what stress is. The main purpose of this program is to help you to understand and use meditation as a technique to gain the relaxation that may be missing from your life and let go of stress. But what exactly are stress and relaxation and why are they important?

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19 – The Power of Suggestion

The unconscious mind is the part that monitors and controls every aspect of you. Your thoughts, your beliefs, your actions, all the functions of your body and even what you perceive and how you perceive what happens in the world outside of you.

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