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Ep03 – Guided Meditation for Healing Body and Mind

Welcome to Episode 3 of Empowering Meditations with James Cole.

In this episode, we explore how you can use the power of your mind to heal your body and mind. This powerful guided meditation for healing will take you on a journey throughout your body to visually and metaphorically heal your body.

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Can you really heal yourself with the power of your mind?

Yes, you can. However, it’s not like what you see in sci-fi movies where you just close your eyes and focus for a moment and seal up a wound without a scar or grow a new limb instantly, although that would be cool.

It’s more about getting your mind synchronized with your body, to create an environment that is ideal for healing. This then promotes all the natural healing abilities that the body has such as releasing various hormones, the creation of white blood cells and other little tricks, to all work together in healing whatever parts require it.

What can actually be healed with the mind?

Healing can relate to physical injuries, disease and illness as well as mental and emotional hurt, trauma and disorders. The mind is the organ that controls every aspect of your body, from your thoughts to moving muscles, to your digestion, breathing and everything else. Some of these things you are aware of, whereas the majority of them, happen in the unconscious mind without any conscious knowledge at all.

How often are you consciously aware of making your heart beat?

I would guess rarely if at all.

How does it work?

Healing yourself with your mind works by focusing your attention on each area of your body that requires it and metaphorically energizing and healing each part. Metaphor is the core language of the mind and by tuning it to become consciously aware of what is normally left to the unconscious, you can take control of any aspect of your body and change its operation consciously.

For instance, if you were to pay attention to your heartbeat, you could actually change its beating speed simply by focusing on it. What is actually happening, is that mentally you are focusing on the speed of your heart and setting the intention to slow it down. Your unconscious mind, which knows every aspect of your body, gets the message that then starts all the little internal processes necessary to make it happen.

One of the easiest ways to demonstrate this and something that is closely related to meditation, is taking control of your breathing. Breathing, for the most part, is an unconscious activity. Your unconscious mind as it constantly monitors every aspect of your body, knows if it needs more or less oxygen in the bloodstream. With this feedback, it is able to regulate the speed of your breaths to ensure you get enough oxygen for the tasks at hand.

By simply becoming aware of your breathing, you can take control and force it to slow down or speed up. This then results in other physiological responses. By slowing down your breathing, you are telling your body to relax which causes other organs and the mind to relax too. This is why focusing on your breath is such a powerful tool for meditating. By continued slow breathing, you can actually slow down your brainwaves which in turn can place you in an altered state of consciousness.

By metaphorically healing and energizing every part of your body, you are giving your mind instructions to do what it needs, to physically heal your body.

Why doesn’t the body just do this naturally?

Most of the time it does, however, there can be times when an illness or disease and even injury can be the result of bad programming in the unconscious mind. It may be that an emotion or mental trauma that has never been dealt with, is manifesting itself in a physical way. By consciously focusing on each part of your body and allowing any emotions or negative thoughts to come up and then release them, you are reprogramming the mind for a new response.

By either listening to this meditation regularly or creating your own personal healing meditation that you practice regularly, it will help you to maintain a healthy body and keep all of your organs in check.

“Repetition is key in all mental change work”

The more you do something, the stronger it hard-wires the desired effects into your brain until you reach a point that it is permanent.

Setting an Intention

One of the important things to do with any meditation is to set an intention for what you want out of it, even if it’s something as simple as ‘to relax for the next ten minutes.’

Consciously setting an intention primes your mind for what is about to come and to take in any information, then starts taking the actions that it deems helpful toward that desired result. Its kind of like making sure a radio is tuned into the station properly before you listen to the music.

Setting an intention is a simple action that is great to get in the habit of doing not only before a meditation but also before any task you are about to undertake.

One thing to keep in mind when setting an intention is to keep it positive and focus on what you want as an outcome rather than what you don’t want. To give you an example, instead of saying something like

“I don’t want to be stressed anymore”

which is focusing on what you don’t want, you could rephrase it to something like

“My intention is to be calm and peaceful”

You may have noticed I also removed the word “want”. If you’re focusing on the word want, guess what you’ll get? You’ll get to “want” what your intention was and not actually get what the intention was. Language is important and you’ll be amazed by how great a change you can make within your mind by changing your language. I’ll go deeper into power language in a future post.

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By listening to this audio, you accept all responsibility for its correct use or misuse because this meditation will place you in a deep trance, it’s important that you do not listen to this if you are driving, operating machinery, or doing anything that requires your full attention. If an emergency should arise that requires your attention you can be instantly alert and awake energised and able to deal with whatever is required. Even though this meditation is designed to maximise internal physical, mental and emotional healing, it is not a replacement for professional medical advice and treatment and should be used in conjunction with any treatment or therapy you are receiving.

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