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What do you want?

Blog - What do you want - Page

What do you want, I mean, what you really want?
When was the last time you were asked this simple question? Explore the deeper needs behind the things you really want and make the time to feed your soul.

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Our past is just stories

Meme - Our past is just stories - Page

Our past is just stories of how we think we remember things based on our limited human perceptions, clouded by a lifetime of emotions, and then used to create our future.
How can you change your story, to create an inspired future today?

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5 Questions of Empowerment

Thoughts - 5 Questions of Empowerment

5 Questions of Empowerment to help sculpt your life into that which you desire. By meditating on these questions daily, you will gain greater focus and insight into achieving your goals.

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