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*** Our group is having a break ***
** We will start again on May 10th **

Every Thursday
Morning Session 10am to 11am
Afternoon Session 2pm-3pm
Evenings Session 7pm to 8pm

Located at The Garden
4 Ross-Smith Avenue West, Frankston, Victoria

Are you looking for a way to reduce stress and take some time out to put aside the worries of the day?

Do you want to effortlessly sink into a deep and rejuvenating relaxation that nourishes your body and mind?

Our classes for meditation in Frankston may be the answer you seek. Come along and join our weekly meditation group where you will be amongst like-minded people in a relaxing, friendly and supportive environment in the heart of Frankston.

Our meditation classes are held at the tranquil location of The Garden wellness centre in Frankston and are limited to small class sizes for optimal relaxation.

What type of Meditation do we practice at Frankston?

Our guided meditations are designed to create a deep state of empowered relaxation for everyone, even those with minds that don't settle easily 

Going beyond the standard progressive relaxation techniques which can be slow and tedious at times, you will be guided through meditations to inspire your imagination while deeply relaxing your mind and body.

The meditations are created and hosted by James Cole a professional life coach and hypnotherapist and are designed to be easily followed and are suitable for beginners to the advanced meditators.


2018 Term 2

Term 2 runs for 11 weeks from April 19th to July 28th

Full term pass $197 • Half term pass $110 (This is for 5 weeks) • Single session pass $25

Concession pricing
Full term pass $177 • Half term pass $90 (This is for 5 weeks) • Single session pass $20

Places are limited, so bookings are essential.

Payments can be made online once your place is reserved.

* Payment is required upon booking and can be made online once your spot is reserved.
** Once a booking is made and paid for it is non-refundable and non-transferable.

To attend a session, you need to reserve your spot first because groups sizes are limited for better comfort. You will also need to purchase a session pass which can be done online beforehand.

For any questions or to Reserve your spot, call or send an SMS to James or by fill in the form.

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