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*** Our group is having a break ***
** We will start again on May 10th **

Every Thursday
Morning Session 10am to 11am
Afternoon Session 2pm-3pm
Evenings Session 7pm to 8pm

Located at The Garden
4 Ross-Smith Avenue West, Frankston, Victoria

Do you want to unwind a relax, I mean really relax both your mind and body?

Are you wanting to calm your thoughts and let go of stress, tension and anxiety?

Our Relaxation Meditation Frankston Group will help you achieve this with our easy to follow guided meditations that are designed to inspire your imagination while deeply relaxing your body and mind.

Explore new realms of imagination with our guided meditations that are specifically designed to cut through the noise of overactive thoughts, helping you to let go of stress, tension and anxiety.

Each session includes an opportunity for discussion about meditation where questions can be answered and experiences shared. This is followed by an easy to follow guided meditation designed to help you achieve a deep blissful relaxation even if you have a busy mind.

Although the main purpose is a deep relaxation, the meditations are woven with themes of self-worth, self-love, and gaining greater clarity and focus in life.

Join our weekly relaxation meditation group where you will be greeted by a relaxing, comfortable and friendly environment in the heart of Frankston

Relaxation Meditation Groups are held at the peaceful settings of The Garden in Frankston health and wellness centre. The small group sizes will ensure your optimum comfort and relaxation.

Meditations to Spark your Imagination and Relax your Mind

What kind of Meditation do we practice at our Frankston group?

Our meditations focus on getting you into a deep state of empowered relaxation and are crafted to help even those who don't normally find it easy to quiet their thoughts.

Unlike traditional progressive relaxation methods which can be boring to many, our meditations will guide you through imaginary journies designed to tantalise your imagination while deeply relaxing your body and mind.

These guided meditations are produced and hosted by James Cole, a professional hypnotherapist and personal empowerment coach and are developed to be easily followed for beginners to the advanced meditators.

Groups are kept small so you can enjoy a friendly, comfortable and supportive environment.

2018 Term 2

Term 2 runs for 11 weeks from April 19th to July 28th

Full term pass $197 • Half term pass $110 (This is for 5 weeks) • Single session pass $25

Concession pricing
Full term pass $177 • Half term pass $90 (This is for 5 weeks) • Single session pass $20

Places are limited, so bookings are essential.

Payments can be made online once your place is reserved.

* Payment is required upon booking and can be made online once your spot is reserved.
** Once a booking is made and paid for it is non-refundable and non-transferable.

and set your busy mind at ease

To attend a session, you need to reserve your spot first because groups sizes are limited for better comfort. You will also need to purchase a session pass which can be done online beforehand.

For any questions or to Reserve your spot, call or send an SMS to James or by fill in the form.

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