Learn How to Meditate
with Private Meditation Lessons

Do you want to learn how to meditate but groups are not your thing?

Is your life too busy to regularly attend the rigid times of meditation groups?

Learning how to Meditate with private lessons may be the answer. Our private lessons can be arranged to suit your schedule and location. We can even teach meditation over Skype or Messenger video chats providing the internet connection is good quality.

Whether it’s relaxation, stress relief or something else entirely, these private meditation lessons can be tailored to your specific needs so that you learn how to achieve your desired meditation goals.

Private Meditation Lessons

Learn how to Relax your mind and Ignite your Imagination

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What type of Meditation do we teach

Our approach to meditation is simplicity and ease.

So many meditation teachings are combined with spirituality, religions, the way you move your body, the way you use your voice and some outright strangeness. For someone wanting to learn meditation, all these other aspects can add confusion and frustration where there should be clarity and relaxation.

We strip away everything that is unnecessary and focus on the core of all meditation; Mindfulness.

With our specially designed meditations, even those with the most stubbornly busy minds will find themselves in a blissful state of deep relaxation in no time at all.

Pricing for Private Meditation Lessons

$120 for 90-minute private meditation lesson
Lessons are presently only conducted over video chat and not in person

Each lesson contains a combination of theory, practical exercises to practice and a guided meditation to end the session. There is also an open discussion so that I can tailor the information to best suit your specific requirements.


  • Payment is to be received 48 hours prior to the scheduled session.
  • Cancellations made 48 hours prior to the scheduled session will be fully refunded. Cancellations made within the 48 hours prior to the scheduled session will have 50% refunded.
  • There are no refunds if you miss the scheduled appointment without prior notice.
  • It is your responsibility to be in a quiet location without any distractions or disturbances for the session.
  • It is your responsibility to be in an environment that is safe to meditate and be in a trance state for the session.
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"Honour the Past
Live in the Present
Create the Future
Love Eternal"

Who is your Meditation Teacher

James Cole

Meditation Educator, Empowerment Specialist

I am James Cole, the developer and practitioner of Empowered Meditation Therapy™. I have practised meditation since learning at the age of 16 and have used it throughout my life as a tool to empower my own state of mind and help me through the more troubling times of life. In 2015 I studied and became a master practitioner of Life coaching, Matrix Therapies, NLP, Mindscaping and Hypnosis and set up my hypnosis practice where I have helped many clients overcome a varied assortment of challenges. In 2018 I began work on this new modality and continue to help clients with it today.

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