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Guided Meditations Personal to YOU

Some times we need a little extra help to get our lives where we want them to be.

One of the greatest tools we have is the power of our imagination!

Did you know your imagination has the ability to sculpt your reality? Our imagination is a tool that can be used to train our mind and perception. By training our mind to focus on certain things and ignore others, we can affect the reality we experience.

Imagine for instance that you wanted to loose weight. You could use a sheer act of will to deny yourself of all those yummy foods that you love so much, or you could train your mind with you imagination to not even think of such foods in the first place. More importantly you could simultaneously train your mind to become aware of better options and make better choices.

The easiest way to tap into your powerful imagination is with meditation.

Meditation is the gateway to your unconscious mind

The benefit of Personalised Guided Meditations

The Guided meditations on this site and in our podcast are very powerful if used regularly and correctly, however they are somewhat generalised in nature as they are designed to speak to as many people as possible.

When you purchase a personalised guided meditation, you get a one on one consultation over Skype or the phone, where we carefully find out exactly what you are needing. This includes listening to how you speak so that we can use your words rather than ours, and discovering how you interact with the world so we can be specific with our descriptions in a way that relates specifically to you.

This makes the meditations far more powerful to you than a generic guided meditation could ever be.

We have created meditations to help people:

  • Loose weight
  • Stop smoking
  • Sleep better
  • Live healthier lifestyles
  • Achieve specific goals
  • Increase focus and attention
  • Increase confidence
  • Increase personal courage
  • Decrease anxiety
  • Let go of fears
  • Boost creativity
  • Decrease stress

And much much more...

All of our personal meditations are either produced by James Cole, a professional hypnotherapist, trained in the art and science of meditation and creating transformation at an unconscious level.

Have questions?

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