Using Guided Meditation for Letting Go of Anger & Rage

Using Guided Meditation for Letting Go of Anger & Rage by James Cole Featured Image

Letting go ofAnger & Rage <h3>Using a powerful form of interactive guided visualisation to release the core source of anger.</h3><a href=”#transcript”>Prefer to read? Click here.</a></p> <a href=”#bookings” role=”button”> Book your session today </a> <h2>Prefer reading?</h2> <h5>This is a transcript of the video.</h5> <p>Are you an angry person? Do you ever experience uncontrollable rage? Maybe […]

Empowered Meditation Therapy™


Empowered Meditation Therapy™ <h5>with James Cole</h5> Helping you to navigate and integrate the emotional landscape of your mind.A fast yet nurturing therapy that can be conveniently conducted from the comfort of your own home or office via video chat.</p> <a href=”#bookings” role=”button”> Start your Empowered Meditation Therapy™ journey Today </a> <a href=”#intro” role=”button”> Learn more […]