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Blog - The Virus of Fear - Page
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The Virus of Fear

There is an epidemic of fear sweeping the world in relation to the Coronavirus COVID-19 which may increase your chances of catching the Coronavirus.

Blog - End of the Decade-Bring on the 20s
Personal Musings

End of the Decade… Bring on the ’20s

I’ve lived my life with a certain attitude that, upon reflection, has allowed me to accomplish many things. It’s probably not what you think…

Blog - Knowledge is Power - Page
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Knowledge is Power

Do you believe everything you are told at face value? Sometimes it pays to dig a little deeper with your own research.

Empowering Articles

Hidden Suggestions in Hidden Meditation

Trance is often associated with meditation, hypnosis and other practices. But did you know there are hundreds of hidden ways you are probably going into trance every day without even realising it?

In this blog, I explore some of these ways and address the potential issues of hidden or subliminal messaging that may be present to negatively affect our unconscious mind in these times.

Blog - The Power of Empowering Questions - Page
Empowering Articles

The Power of Empowering Questions

Empowering questions are a great personal development tool to empower the lives of yourself. They can even deepen the relationships we have with others.

Blog - What do you want - Page
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What do you want?

What do you want, I mean, what you really want?
When was the last time you were asked this simple question? Explore the deeper needs behind the things you really want and make the time to feed your soul.

The Nonsense of being good Enough
Empowering Articles

The Nonsense of ENOUGH!

Don’t feel like you’re good enough? I hold the secrets you are looking for. At least, that’s what professional coaches would say. Allow me to explore the nonsense that you are not good enough.

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