16 Myths of Meditation


Scared Off by things you've heard about meditation?

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"16 Myths of Meditation"

There is so much confusion around meditation, what it is, how it works and the best ways to practice it. I wrote this book to bust many of the common myths and bring clarity to this beautiful practice.

Have you thought of taking up meditation but been scared off by something you heard?

Maybe you’ve been told that it’s too hard to master, or you need to practise for hours every day to gain any benefits.

Or perhaps you believe that you need to be flexible in ways the human body wasn’t meant to be, just to get into the correct position to meditate…

My free eBook 16 Myths of Meditation explores these and the other top myths I’ve heard over the years while teaching meditation.

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Myths of Meditation #4 You need to sit with your feet behind your head or some other weird position

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"16 Myths of Meditation"


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