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James Cole hypnotherapy meditation education

James Cole

Meditation Educator, Empowerment Specialist

After being introduced to meditation in high school, James adopted the practice as a daily part of life. By late teens, he was experimenting with deep trances as a way of pushing the boundaries of consciousness and personal development.

Over the years he spent a lot of time studying subjects such as language, psychology, neuroscience, consciousness, religion, spirituality, mind hacking, and generally what makes us tick. Always self-experimenting to discover new and better ways of doing almost everything he came in touch with.

After much soul-seeking, in 2013 James walked away from a successful career in the film industry, to follow his true passion for meditation and consciousness. He followed a path to studying and gaining qualifications as a Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Advanced Matrix Therapies, Advanced Hypnosis and a Masters in Life Coaching.

Combining all this knowledge with his life passions, James now creates truly powerful meditative experiences, that people can use to empower their lives. He focuses on producing high-quality online programs and running live workshops. Using a number of meditative and hypnotic therapies, James also helps clients to release emotions, traumas and negative experiences and build a sense of personal empowerment.

Honour the past • Live in the present • Create the future • Love eternal