About Empowering Meditations

Empowering Meditations, established by James Cole in 2017, creates a number of products and services based around the idea that meditation is a powerful tool that can empower a person and bring positive change in their lives.

We help introduce people to this life changing practise by teaching the very basics skills and principles of meditation, up to more advanced meditation practices that can be used to take control of and sculpt almost every aspect of life.

We also create powerful guided meditation experiences that are available to anyone.

Our Mission

Everything we do comes back to one core objective; We teach people to stand in their own power and that everything they need and seek is already within them. Often this is covered up by years of living in a disempowering world that teaches us to externalise everything, even our own joy. It is through the meditation practises we teach and the techniques we use, that we can peel back the layers to reveal the authentic soul beneath.

Our History

In 2017 after a 25-year career in the film industry, James Cole launched Empowering Meditations to follow a path more in line with his life’s passion and purpose.

Starting with the Empowering Meditations podcast, in a relatively short time, it gained a global audience of people wanting to better their lives with meditation.

With this success, James began teaching private meditation sessions as well as Matrix Therapy (a form of meditation therapy), which helps to release negative emotions, influences and trauma.

Listening to his audience and clients, it became clear there was a greater need for meditation education without all the confusion. With simplicity and ease in mind, James created two online programs which launched in September of 2018 “Deep Relaxation Meditation

These two programs were specifically developed with those in mind who have not been successful at practising meditation in the past or have busy minds that aren’t easily calmed.

In 2019 James wrote and published his first book Empowering Thoughts.

Honour the past • Live in the present
Create the future • Love Eternal

Honour the past
Live in the present
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