Guided Meditations
to Empower YOUR Life

Learn to Meditate Today

Are you wanting to learn how to meditate? Maybe you are highly stressed or anxious and have been told that meditation can help you. Or have you tried meditating in the past but for whatever reason just couldn’t quiet your mind the way your “supposed” to?

If any of this sounds like you, I have designed a course to get you meditating quickly and easily, helping you to let go or stress and anxiety and managing your own mental health.

Best of all, the course is completely free, and easy to follow while you learn at your own pace.

Empowering Thoughts

The mind is so powerful, yet its natural state is to seek the easiest way to survive, doing the bare minimum with the least amount of energy. This can often seem at odds with the idea of living an empowered life. Sometimes, all we need is a different perspective on life, a new idea to ponder, a change in thought to empower us to the next level.

Empowering Thoughts is a collection of inspiring ideas, philosophies and wisdom, delivered in bite sized pieces. Perfect for a busy world. Sign up to receive a new Empowering Thought straight to your inbox every day or purchase the book and get your empowering thought whenever you like.

Thought of the Day

Empowered Meditation Therapy™


Suffering from emotional turmoil? Affected by negative people and influences? Feeling blocked in life?

Did you know that through the power of meditation you can let go and heal your emotional, mental and psychological wellbeing? Through my Empowered Meditation Therapy™ process you can find that inner peace and freedom you’ve been seeking.

Empowering Guided Meditations

Don’t want the hassle of learning how to meditate but still want the benefits?

Our powerful guided meditations are a great solution. Choose from our library of meditations and visualisations, available on YouTube or InsightTimer. Then all you have to do is just sit back, close your eyes and listen as I guide you through dreamscapes of the mind, designed to help you achieve the deepest of relaxation, let go of stress and anxiety, achieve better, deeper sleep and generally empower your mind and life.

What journey of the mind will you take today?

Honour the past • Live in the present • Create the future • Love eternal

Honour the past
Live in the present
Create the future
Love eternal