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Meditations is the key to
Empower your Life

Every day it seems there are new scientific studies reporting the physical and mental health benefits of meditating regularly. Yet for many, the practice remains daunting, cloaked in mysticism and unachievable. At Empowering Meditations, we run online meditation programs, live workshops and meditation groups to teach meditation simply and easily without the fluff.


Our unique approach to teaching meditation makes it very accessible and easy to learn. We've stripped away all the confusing and unnecessary elements that are so often attached to meditation and created an online program that will have you in the deepest of relaxation meditations in hours rather than months of practice. Even if your mind is active all the time.


"The course is set out so clearly and easy to follow. james is really thorough in his delivery of information... His voice is so calming and soothing I'm finding it easy to become instantly relaxed"
~ Alex Knysh

Meditation is the gateway to your unconscious mind

The benefit of listening to Guided Meditations

Guided meditations aren't always necessary. In fact, everything we offer can be achieved in ones own mind without assistance. However, having a guide can be greatly beneficial in achieving powerful results quicker and help you:

  • Attain a deep meditative trance quickly
  • Sustain focus even if there are distractions
  • Guide you to your goals with metaphor and symbology, the language of the unconscious mind

All of our meditations are produced by James Cole, a professional hypnotherapist, trained in the art and science of meditation and creating transformation at an unconscious level.

Join our Facebook Group community

We nurture a community of beautiful people who want to Empower their lives in our closed Facebook Group. As a community, we cover topics such as

  • Empowering Language
  • Personal development
  • Stress management
  • Emotional balance
  • Mental health
  • Greater awareness

Come and join us and meet others on a similar journey to you in this safe and positive space.

Are you looking to gain more out of meditation but unsure where to start?

Meditation is without a doubt one of the most powerful tools to master in any personal development strategy. At its basic level, it creates a centre of being, a focused mind, inner calm and mental balance. At it's most advanced it can totally re-sculpt your entire life.

But Where to begin?

We have a specially designed Introduction to Meditation online program that is available for FREE. Or you could get in touch and we'll guide you to the right path for your circumstance.

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