The Nonsense of being good Enough

The Nonsense of ENOUGH!

Do you ever feel like you’re not enough?
Enough what?
You’re not good enough to be wealthy? You’re not good enough for happiness? You’re not good enough to be loved?

Many of us in the personal development industry like to push this idea that you are not good enough! That is, of course, because we have the answer; we’re the ones who will show you, that you can be happy, that you can be wealthy, that you can be loved. All you have to do is sign up to our personal coaching package for $2000 a month and you will be good enough!

This will quite often happen after attending a free event, workshop or seminar that promises to tell you why you’re not good enough like it’s some kind of giant mystery that only they know the answers to. At the event, you will be subjected to look at your life and analyse the “miserable place” that you’re in right now. Then our hero states “there’s a better way to be” and takes you to heightened emotional states, including bonding exercises with the people around you who all feel the same way.

It is in these heightened states; you’re most vulnerable moments, that the solution to all of your problems will be presented and sold to you for that hefty price tag.

You’d be stupid not to sign up… right?

If you haven’t already realised, this is brainwashing 101. A subject is more likely to follow the crowd and purchase the product when they’ve had a deep emotional bonding connection with those around them who are also purchasing the product.

Of course, this is just one example and a result of hundreds of years of our societies push to disempower the individual. And for what reason? To sell you shit of course…
You’re not pretty enough, buy this makeup!
You’re not cool enough, smoke this cigarette!
You’re not loved enough put this diamond ring on your finger!
Because nothing says “I’m loved” more than a useless rock on your finger?

So now that you’re feeling that heightened emotion, probably anger, at how you’ve been manipulated throughout your life (don’t worry, we all have), allow me to sell you the solution to feeling that you are good enough. It will cost you the epic price of reading to the end of this article.

Are you ready for it?

Here is the revelation

You are good enough!

You don’t need to pay squillions of your hard earned dollars to know this. You already are good enough!

Being happy, wealthy, loved; these are not skills that you learn, these are choices that you make! Being “good enough” to make these choices is from the moment you have the cognitive abilities to actually make choices usually as a young child.

Now if there’s anything going through your mind right now that doesn’t like this idea, disagrees with this idea, or thinks that it couldn’t possibly be that easy, these are just the programs put in your mind from years of societal manipulation. Let them go and embrace the truth that you are good enough and you can make these choices all for yourself.

Anything that tells you or makes you feel that you are not good enough, is almost guaranteed to be selling you something to fill that void. Whatever voice you hear in your mind telling you that you’re not good enough, is not your true voice. It is one that you’ve picked up along the road of life. Do whatever you need to do to let it go and silence it.

You are good enough! End of story!

Well not quite… Now that I’ve built you back up into a more positive emotional state, here comes the real sales pitch. After all, I am running a business. Don’t learn nonsense, learn skills. Skills that can actually help you to empower your life, and to live by your own choices. Meditation is one of the essential skills to learn in order to gain the deepest level of self-awareness, focus, self-belief.

You don’t need to buy my awesome program “Deep Relaxation Meditation”. All of the information within it is freely available if you do the research and practice yourself. So why would you buy what I’m selling? Because I’ve made it easy. I’ve taken hundreds of hours of research and a lifetime of meditation practice and experimentation and condensed all of my knowledge into this amazing, easy to follow program. Basically, you’re paying for the convenience and time saved. You can purchase it directly here Deep Relaxation Meditation

Or learn more about the program here with What You Get In This Online Meditation Program

And if you like to test the waters first, I’ve created a cut-down, mini-version called Introduction To Meditation, Which is absolutely free. You can sign up directly here Introduction To Meditation

Bottom line, however you decide to do it, take back your power and declare to all who will listen that you are good enough. Believe it, own it, embody it!

Introduction to Meditation Free Online Course 20181107

I believe that education on personal development is such an integral part of human growth that I simply cannot justify making it unavailable to people by charging extreme amounts of money for it. In my opinion, this stuff should be taught freely at schools.

However, we live in a world where money is required to pay the bills and fill the fridge. Your donation will ensure I can continue to provide this service and really does make a huge difference as this is what I survive off.

It takes a lot of time, skill and effort to create the content on this web site, which is why the guided meditations are constantly ranked amongst the highest quality on apps like Insight Timer (the worlds No.1 Meditation app).

As a sign of appreciation for your donation, I would love to shout your name from the rooftops (which probably doesn’t really do much for you) so instead, I can also shout it from the social media rooftops if you like, along with your business name if you have one. And if you want to remain anonymous, we can make that work too.

I am honoured that you took the time to listen to this meditation and overflowing with gratitude for your donation 🙏💜

Wishing you a most beautiful day,

James Cole

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