Stress Relief With Meditation

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Looking for STRESS RELIEF? <a role=”button”> Learn To Meditate </a> <h1>Do you know what the<br>opposite of STRESS is?</h1> Learning meditation is the key to relieving stress and living a longer healthier life starting today.</p> <a role=”button”> Learn To Meditate </a> <h2>Stress is one of the leading contributors to ill-health in our modern world.</h2> <p>Stress triggers […]

Hidden Suggestions in Hidden Meditation

Trance is often associated with meditation, hypnosis and other practices. But did you know there are hundreds of hidden ways you are probably going into trance every day without even realising it?

In this blog, I explore some of these ways and address the potential issues of hidden or subliminal messaging that may be present to negatively affect our unconscious mind in these times.

Empowering Meditations


Meditation is the key toEmpowering your Life Every day it seems there are new studies reporting the many benefits of regular meditation. Yet for many, the practice remains daunting, cloaked in mysticism and unachievable. I run an online meditation program making meditation easy to learn and accessible for anyone. Once you unlock the secret to […]