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When Meditation Turns Dark – A true story of a psychic demon attack


I always loved telling an excellent ghost story, however, this is a bit different in that it’s a true demon story that took place when my meditation practice turned dark. I have actually made it like a beefed-up audiobook story.

It is the first of a new type of video I want to produce. I’m calling the series Storytime with James Cole and that’s precisely what it will be. Me sharing stories. Make certain you let me know in the comments if you desire more videos like this. It won’t always be horror stories either. I have plenty of more uplifting, empowering and spiritual stories to share but today is Halloween so horror it is.

This is something I have actually desired doing for a long time, so I hope you really like it. I always recall from my childhood in England (and I’m about to show my age here) sitting around the radio and tuning in to listen to the latest radio play. It was basically a simply narrator, a few actors, a little music and sound effects telling great stories. If I remember correctly there was a science fiction show called “Space Force” that I loved listening to with my Dad. There was something wonderful about it. Unlike television and films, it still allowed space for the creativity of imagination in a similar method that books do.

This is clearly a little more than just audio, however, it’s in the very same spirit of the great ol’ radio plays that I loved. Think of it as an audiobook with personality.

This story “A True Demon Attack” is a real-life true story that took place when I was around 20 years old. I was experimenting with different types of meditation and taking it to dark places.

Was it a dream?

Could have been. But it felt so extremely real at the time. More real than any other dream I’d had up til then. For me, this was a scary as hell, true story. One that shook me to the core, yet also empowered me in a way I couldn’t have dreamed of. One could certainly say it was a bad out of body experience but with an incredible result that has stayed with me throughout life.

Don’t think this implies I’m moving away from meditations either. I have got plenty more of them in the works too.

So sit back and unwind (if you dare) and listen to my Halloween special real demon story audiobook video thing (I’ve got to come up with a better description than that).

Special thanks to Chris Daniels for creating the illustrations in this movie. You can discover more about Chris’ work on his YouTube channel –

The Creative Art and Design of Chris Daniels


18 minutes 32 seconds


(*using the following timecode links will open the video within YouTube. Clicking on the text will jump to the chapter in the text)

00:00 Introduction to this Halloween video
00:28 The family home
01:21 Arnold the possum
01:59 The demonic possums
02:31 The first encounter
04:08 The dark path of meditation
06:08 That symphony of possums
07:27 The wrong side
09:54 The real demon
10:32 The real terror
11:04 Battle for my life
12:36 Not as they appear
13:12 Finding my power
14:43 Just outside of reality
15:35 First breath of a new life
16:22 The encounter
17:15 This moment of awe
17:43 Thank you
18:02 Links

Video Transcript

00:00 Introduction

Hi, I’m James Cole and welcome to my Halloween video. I thought I’d do something a little different and tell you a scary story. But unlike the stories that I tell in the meditations I create, this is a true story about the time I came face to face with a real demon of pure evil and somehow survived to tell the tale.

00:28 The family home

It all began way back in my early twenties and I was living with my parents on the family property. They had an acre of land just outside of regular suburbia. It wasn’t quite country but it wasn’t in the main slug of things either. A happy middle-ground. The house sat in the middle of rustic gardens, surrounded by plants and trees and was a perfect sanctuary for birds and other wildlife.

One of the more common residents were bush tail possums. They’re cute critters with a big fluffy tails. But it was this same fluff that made them cute that also disguised the vicious claws that would rip you apart if you got too close.

01:21 Arnold the possum

In spite of that, being the animal lover I am, I often cut up fruit to give to them and after a while, one possum in particular, would take the apple slices right out of my hand and allow me to pat him while he ate. So I named him Arnold.

And a year or so later Arnold had a baby clinging onto his back proving that Arnold probably wasn’t the best name for her but by then it had stuck so Arnold it was.

01:59 The demonic possums

Anyway, Arnold was just one of many possums on the property and as cute as they are, when they felt threatened by something, the whole neighbourhood would know about it. And if you’ve ever been in an area of possums, you’ll know the distinctive sound they make. It’s this gut churning gravelly hiss, roar, scream kind of thing Hukrrrrrrrrrrrrgh.

And it was never just once either Hukrrrrrrrrrrrrgh.

And sometimes this would go on for hours.

02:31 The first encounter

I recall the first time I heard it not long after moving to Australia and thinking “What the hell is this noise?”

It sounded so demonic. And just like a dumb thirteen year old kid from a bad horror movie, I ventured out into the night with a torch which was clearly on its last legs of power, just to investigate this seemingly demonic infestation we had.

As I crept into the darkness in the wee hours of the morning, I froze with deathly chills down my spine as the hiss rattle thing roared above me. Hukrrrrrrrrrrrrgh.

Quick with the torch, I looked up to see two glistening silver eyes starting down at me. My heart jumped before I had the chance to take in the rest of what I saw. On the branch above me, sat this cute fluffy and somewhat scared little possum. I couldn’t believe that horrifying sound came from such a tiny fluff ball of a critter. So I watched him for a while, and then made my way back to the house, happy that there were no demons lurking in the shadows of darkness.

Or so I thought…

And over the next few years I got used to the sound as irritating as it was. And it just became part of living in an area with trees and bushes in Australia.

But that’s not the story that I want to tell you.

04:08 The dark path of meditation

Now that I was in my twenties, I was heading down a dark path, rebelling against society which I hated. Even my meditation which I had learned at high school when I was sixteen had taken a dark turn. I was experimenting with altered states of consciousness and going on very different meditative journeys. I even experimented with visualising my own death to see if I could glimpse behind the curtain of reality.

And it worked.

While in deep, deep meditation I was exploring those places between lives and it was nothing like the movies show it. It was neither dark nor light but a void of all things, a waiting room without the waiting or the room, an eternal nothing.

I even slipped back to experience past lives that were generations apart and some not even of this Earth. I revelled in the process and I used it without any prior knowledge, respect or discipline for what I was doing.

It was a frontier and I was the explorer.

And of course, with this chaotic approach to exploring realms beyond comprehension, it inevitably turned on me.

When I was least expecting it, the darkness of the Universe paid me a personal visit for trespassing in places I did not belong.

06:08 That symphony of possums

My bedroom was at the rear of the house. With my bed in the middle of the room, the large window was to my left. Directly outside was a BBQ and entertaining area and just to the side  of that was a massive pine tree. And Almost every night, the symphony of possum screams would start.


On this particular night, I turned the television up that was mounted on the wall directly in front of me, in a feeble attempt to drown out the sound. But it wasn’t long before I felt the onset of sleep taking hold and I turned the TV off allowing the room to fall dark so I could drift off to sleep.

Again I heard the cry of a possum. Hukrrrrrrrrrrrrghtatatatata.


It was so irritating but knew I’d eventually be able to sleep through it.

I laid there in darkness trying to mentally block the sound from my ears.


07:27 The wrong side

Suddenly and without warning a realisation descended upon me. A chill ran through my whole body, every hair stood up on end.


The sound wasn’t coming from the left where the window was, it was coming from my right.


“how the hell did a possum get in my bedroom?”

In spite of their cute fluffiness, I knew how dangerous these little critters could be when frightened. I carefully reached out to the bedside cabinet to the left of the bed and retrieved the television remote. I pressed the power button expecting it to come on and illuminate the room.


I pressed it again and again.


I flicked the back off and rolled the batteries around, replaced it and pressed the power button once more.

Still nothing!


“You’ve got to be kidding?”

I looked at the digital clock to my side. It was black.

“Of all the times to have a power cut”

The only thing left for me to do was get out of the bed make my way to the door at the far end so I could fumble my way through to the kitchen where I knew that there was a torch.

If only this happened today when we all have torches in our phones next to our beds right?

I carefully pulled back the sheets and sat up on the side of the bed. The last thing that I wanted was to accidentally step on the possum and have it tear my legs apart.


The sound was different to the regular possum sounds. It must’ve been so scared and looking for a way out. It sent shivers down my spine every time I heard it.

Slowly I stood up and turned my back to where I thought the possum was and carefully took a step toward the door.


09:54 The real demon

From behind two hands clasped tightly around my ankles. My brain was wired, filled with terror. This was no possum, it was a person who must’ve been laying down waiting for me.

“Who was it? How did they break in? What did they want? Were they going to kill me?”

Adrenaline surged through my veins and every sense lit up on extreme alert.

I kicked backwards to break free but the grasp but it just got tighter.

10:32 The real terror

I tried to lunge forward and that’s when the real terror sank in. Two more hands wrapped around me. One around my chest, and the other around my throat and I could instantly feel the full weight of whatever this was on my back. And I will never ever forget the sensation of that cold icy breath down my neck.

11:04 Battle for my life

With no time to analyse, I thrashed around, slamming this thing over and over into the wall, trying to break free. As I fought this creature, it’s icy cold breath intensified on the back of my head.


The most blood curdling sound roared in my ear.

“What the hell was it to have four arms and hands and no legs?”

I thrashed my way to the door and managed to get it open, I knew I had to make it down the hallway to my parents room, where hopefully, my dad would be awake and be able to help me.

Slamming to the left, and then to the right, I slowly edged and pulled my way down the hallway to the room. This creature thrashing around, and clawing at me with the hand that was around my throat while the other three ever increased their crushing grip.

After what seemed like an eternal battle, I burst through the door to find my parents fast asleep.


How could they still be asleep with all the commotion that was going on?

I screamed out for them to wake up.

“Dad… Dad help!”


12:36 Not as they appear

I slammed this thing as hard as I could into the chest of drawers and noticed that even with the full force of the strike, none of the ornaments that were sitting on top moved.

And that’s when I realised the one thing that would save my life.

I was not in this reality.

I was in that realm between lives.

The otherworld.

And this creature was a demon that had come from the depths of darkness to punish me.

13:12 Finding my power

With that knowing, that realisation inside, I knew that I was in the position of power.

The fear left me, I stopped fighting, and summoned the universal energy of light into my soul and with the power of worlds behind me, I flung this creature over my shoulder to the far corner of the room.

Before me was a hideous demonic form, gnarly and grotesque. It’s skin grey, dry and crumbling, it’s features distorted with hate and rage and never, ever in my life, have I witnessed such fear as that which was strewn across the face of this thing that was now cowering at the realisation of my power.

My body charged with the energies of light, I felt them surging around me, tiny blue sparks, rippled over my skin, and I thrust my hands forward  and the power of suns leapt from them towards the demon. In an instant, the creature that had filled me with terror moments before, was nothing more than a waft of foul smelling mist that dissipated into the nothingness from where it came.

14:43 Just outside of reality

I looked over at my parents as they slept soundly, unknowing of the battle that had taken place just outside of their reality. Knowing I was existing outside of my own body, I ran out of their room, back down the hallway and came to a sudden stop as I burst into my room.

There, laying on the bed, in a sleep like state, was my body. And it was the strangest sensation to be fully conscious and aware yet looking down upon myself from the other side of the room.

15:35 First breath of a new life

After a moments contemplation, I jumped onto the bed and into my body, instantly sitting up straight and gasping for breathe as I filled my lungs with air.

I looked over at the clock. The blue green numbers emanated their usual soft glow. I picked up the remote, pressed the power button, the whine of the old tube television sounded as the picture slowly lit up the room. I swung my legs out of the bed, double checking nothing lay waiting for me.

All clear.

I stood and made my way to the door where the light switch was and turned it on. Light filled the room, making the back of my eyes ache as they adjusted from the dark.

16:22 The encounter

I opened the door and my heart stopped. There at the other end of the hallway was a figure standing in shadows. My breath stalled for an eternal moment.



The light turned on and I let out a sigh of relief to see my dad standing there.

He looked just as shocked to see me as I was to see him.

“Everything okay?” he asked

“Yup” I nodded.

He turned the light off and we both returned to our rooms. I laid back down in bed, exhausted from my encounter and soon fell into a deep deep sleep with the light still on and the TV blaring.

17:15 This moment of awe

This night, this experience, this moment. This was the first time I truly stepped into my power and I was in awe of it. From this moment forward, my life would never be the same again.

And it wasn’t.


17:43 Thank you

Thanks for reading my story. If you enjoyed it please leave a comment and share it with your friends. And let me know if you want more stories like this.

I’ll see you next time, til then,

have a beautiful day.


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  1. Mindfulness and spiritual protection are two of the most important aspects of meditation. This story is both captivating and disturbing. The author’s candor in sharing a difficult experience adds to the conversation surrounding meditation. It’s a cautionary tale that reminds us to approach these experiences with respect and understanding.

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