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Introduction to Meditation

This mini-course will give you an introductory overview of what meditation is, the many benefits you can gain from practising it and dispelling many of the myths and misconceptions surrounding the topic. It also includes a bonus guided meditation to introduce you to meditation.

Live an Empowered Life with this online personal development program
From $17 USD per month

Empowered Life

Go beyond meditation and empower your life completely. Identify all the ways your power is being given away. Use powerful guided meditations and techniques to let go of negative emotions, connections and attachments. Become the Empowered being you were destined to be.

$14.95 USD

Deep Relaxation Meditation

This complete program will give you the skills you need to adopt meditation practice into your life and achieve a deep and blissful relaxation. This is designed to help those with even the busiest of minds who find it hard to just relax. You also receive 5 powerful guided meditations to follow.

Meditation is the gateway to your unconscious mind