What Is Visualisation?

Do you think you CAN’T visualise?
I bet you can!

When it comes to meditation, certain terms get thrown around that can be a little confusing and even turn some people off this beautiful practice. The most common one is “VISUALISATION”.

Around 65% of the population have visual in their dominant sense. For the most part, these people have no problems at all when it comes to seeing things in their mind.

But what about the rest of us?

Well this is where the term becomes a little confusing as “visualisation” doesn’t always mean to be able to see something visually. I made these two videos to explain the process and give you a little guided visualisation so you can experience how you “visualise” things in your own unique way.

Video 1

This video will explain the different types of visualisation

Video 2

This video will take you through a guided visualisation

Want to learn more about meditation?

These videos are just a very small part of a complete course I created to teach people how to meditate and incorporate the beautiful practice into their daily lives. Click the button below. The course is completely free.

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