18 – The Different Levels of Relaxation


There are several levels of relaxation from fully alert and awake, all the way down to deep sleep. Each of these levels is represented by the brainwave frequency associated with it and has its own set of characteristics…

17 – Benefits of Relaxation


There are many health benefits to relaxing. Relaxation is actually the opposite of stress. It is a natural response system designed to relieve the body of stress…

16 – Understanding Stress and the Importance of Relaxation


When learning the art of relaxation we must first gain a deeper understanding of what stress is. The main purpose of this program is to help you to understand and use meditation as a technique to gain the relaxation that may be missing from your life and let go of stress. But what exactly are stress and relaxation and why are they important?

Deep Relaxation Meditation Program


This program will teach you all about meditation and how to use it to gain a deep level of relaxation. Included are several guided meditations for ultimate relaxation.

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