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It’s the deepest pain which empowers you to grow

We all carry with us emotional pain. Those who claim they don’t, are simply better at hiding and suppressing it. Emotional pain can come from almost anywhere. It may be from a failed relationship, being abused as a child, guilt over something you did as a teenager or even something you unconsciously picked up on while in your mother’s womb. It may even stem from something seemingly silly and superficial such as a sibling stealing your favourite toy as a child.

Whatever the cause, it is not to be judged against the emotional pain of others. Emotional pain is completely subjective and can sometimes defy all sense of rational logic. This doesn’t mean it isn’t real or not worthy of recognition.

If you feel it, it is real to you.

Morally and rationally we can all say that being abused is way more serious than having a toy stolen. Unfortunately, our unconscious mind doesn’t work that way. Having that toy stolen could have been the worst violation to have happened to a child at a young age. Without the mental and emotional maturity to deal with it, this can result in the same kind of emotional scarring as the abused child.

As a Master Practitioner of Advanced Matrix Therapies, which is a form of time-line hypnosis, I have seen clients regress to events of their childhood in order to resolve current issues. When asked to go back to the event that initially caused the pain or trauma, they will often go back to some seemingly superficial event that happened way earlier than the expected cause.

Personally, when dealing with a deep sadness I had always carried, I went back to a time in my mother’s womb. I could sense, without understanding, that she did not want me, that she was rejecting me. This was then amplified upon birth when I was put up for adoption. I recalled a memory of seeing loving, happy parents, visiting the other babies in the ward, yet I was only visited by nurses. Of course, everything turned out okay and I was picked up by the loving parents I have today. Yet as a newborn baby, I couldn’t rationalise or understand that I would have a better life as a result of this.

This deep-seated kind of pain is carried with us through life rippling through all that we do. It is only when we summon up the courage to confront our pain, work through it, give it closure and let it go, that we can truly move on from it. And it is only through doing this that we can grow and evolve into the highest possible version of ourselves.

I believe that education on personal development is such an integral part of human growth that I simply cannot justify making it unavailable to people by charging extreme amounts of money for it. In my opinion, this stuff should be taught freely at schools.

However, we live in a world where money is required to pay the bills and fill the fridge. Your donation will ensure I can continue to provide this service and really does make a huge difference as this is what I survive off.

It takes a lot of time, skill and effort to create the content on this web site, which is why the guided meditations are constantly ranked amongst the highest quality on apps like Insight Timer (the worlds No.1 Meditation app).

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Wishing you a most beautiful day,

James Cole

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