Guided Meditation for Overcoming Fears

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I created this for Halloween and thought it would be a great time to create a guided meditation to overcome fear.

Are you ready to let go of the fear that is holding you back?

Topics Covered:

  • Fear
  • How to change relationships between neurons
  • How to let go of fear

This powerful meditation takes a very different approach to overcome fear. Fear comes in so many different variations and even the same fear can differ dramatically from person to person. In this meditation, I want to focus on a general relationship with fear rather than a fear of a specific thing.

If you are interested, let me know and I may do some specific phobia busting meditations in the future.

Not all fear is specific

Some people have a very general, non-specific fear that can really hold them back in life. Every opportunity can become fuzzy and blurred with doubt, every idea of becoming better requires stepping way too far outside of their comfort zone.

Wouldn’t it be nice to let go and conquer fear and gain the courage and strength to break out of the dark creepy forest that is holding you back in life?

How to let go of fear

To do this, one of the best ways is to go back in our minds to the first moment fear ever entered into our awareness. Then resolve and heal any issues we have around the event that caused it.

The unconscious mind works with metaphor as its primary language. With this in mind, it is important when asked to go back to the first event, to allow your mind to go wherever it wants to. Sometimes this will go back to an event in early childhood that you clearly remember, and other times it may go back to something that is totally created. Whatever it is, know that it’s the right scenario for your unconscious mind to gain the resolution it needs.

I’ve known some people to go back into past lives or previous family generations and I remember when I first did a similar meditation, I went back to a time in my mother’s womb, where I felt afraid of the unknown world I could hear outside. Whether this is real or not is irrelevant, whatever our mind conjures up in the moment is what we need to have the best resolution. It is important not to censor any thoughts you may have and to just go with them.

Go back to where the fear began

When wanting to change something in our unconscious minds, the best approach is to first activate the neurons in our brain that are responsible for whatever it is we want to change. The best way to activate the neurons associated with fear is to not only think about what you fear but to really feel that fear. Once these neurons associated with fear are activated, then we can work on changing your relationship with them. It is by changing our relationship with that which we fear that allows us to release fear and let it go.

This form of meditation can be quite intensive and although you will feel lighter once the issues have been dealt with, it is important to be gentle to yourself as it may take several days to fully integrate into your system.

What people are saying about this meditation

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~ Joan Smith

“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.”
~ Joan Smith

“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.”
~ Joan Smith

“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.”
~ Joan Smith

Benefits of this guided gratitude meditation

  • By activating fear-related neurons first, will have a far greater effect at changing your relationship with fear.
  • Will help you to let go of the fear that is holding you back in life.
  • Will boost your courage and emotional strength.
  • Can also help reduce anxieties.
  • Helps you become more self-aware.
  • Overcoming fear can super-charge your life.
  • Can be used to entertain the imagination.

Perfect for

Releasing Fear


It is important to finish what you start. This meditation is designed to induce fear responses as part of the process. If you quit the meditation before it is complete, you run the risk of having your fear increased or being left in an undesirable state of mind. Commit to the entire process.

If for any reason you feel that you aren’t physically or mentally able to deal with this, then do not listen to it.

This is not a light and fluffy relaxation meditation. It is filled with nightmarish visions and will be far from relaxing.

By listening to this audio, you accept all responsibility for its correct use or misuse. It is highly recommended that you don’t listen to this meditation at all. The horrors inside may cause permanent horrible transformations to take place. Because this meditation will place you in a deep trance from which you may never return, it’s important that you never listen to this, especially if you’re driving, operating machinery such as chainsaws or doing anything that requires your full attention. If an emergency should arise that requires your attention, such as a maniac breaking through your door, you can be instantly alert, awake, energised and able to deal with whatever is required, however, you deem fit. There are no safe places and your comfort is of no concern.

Keywords for this episode

I believe that meditation is such an integral part of human growth that I simply cannot justify making it unavailable to people by charging money for it. However, we live in a world where money is required to pay the bills and fill the fridge. Your donation will ensure I can continue to provide this service and really does make a huge difference as this is what I survive off.

It takes a lot of time, skill and effort to create these meditations, which is why they are constantly ranked amongst the highest quality on apps like Insight Timer (the worlds No.1 Meditation app).

As a sign of appreciation, I would love to shout your name from the rooftops, which probably doesn’t really do much for you, so I can also shout it from the social media rooftops if you like, along with your business name if you have one. And if you want to remain anonymous, we can make that work too.

I am honoured that you took the time to listen to this meditation and overflowing with gratitude for your donation 🙏💜

Wishing you a most beautiful day,

James Cole

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By listening to this audio, you accept all responsibility for its correct use or misuse because this meditation will place you in a deep trance, it’s important that you do not listen to this if you are driving, operating machinery, or doing anything that requires your full attention. If an emergency should arise that requires your attention you can be instantly alert and awake energised and able to deal with whatever is required. Even though this meditation is designed to maximise internal physical, mental and emotional healing, it is not a replacement for professional medical advice and treatment and should be used in conjunction with any treatment or therapy you are receiving.

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