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Part 8: Final Words

- Lesson #44


Meditation is a beautiful practice and tool to make part of your everyday life. Whether you are using it to gain deeper relaxation, personal growth and evolution, spiritual awareness or anything else, meditation will bring many benefits to your life.

One thing to keep in mind is that there are plenty of people out in the wide world who will jump at the chance to tell you that you are doing it wrong or their way is the only way. This is not the case as every single person is unique and meditation is about as personal an experience as one can have.

It always amazes me when I run meditation groups how ten people all sitting next to each other, all listening to the same meditation, can all have completely unique experiences, understandings and ‘Uh Huh’ moments. I’ve witnessed people have deeply spiritual awakenings, while another laughed profusely at the comical visions the mind created.

Always remember, the experience you have, whatever your mind conjures up, is right for you. No one else can experience your mind for you. Be wary of those who claim otherwise.

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James is an author of the book Empowering Thoughts, a meditation educator, empowerment specialist, hypnotherapist, filmmaker, and photo-artist. He has had a passion for meditation since being introduced at high school. Since then he has studied various forms of meditation before discovering hypnosis and recognising the similarities. He now teaches hypnotic meditation, as well as creating and publishing guided meditations that people can use for personal development. his creative work can be found at JamesCole.com.au

I believe that education on personal development is such an integral part of human growth that I simply cannot justify making it unavailable to people by charging extreme amounts of money for it. In my opinion, this stuff should be taught freely at schools.

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